Extract Coffee - Espresso Beans (1kg)

Extract Coffee - Espresso Beans (1kg)





Following great success working with the Sol & Café Co-operative in Peru, and in an effort to continue this relationship of sustainability, Extract are now sourcing an organic coffee from this same smallholder group. The coffee adds a good stable sweetness and balance to the blend, with notes of cocoa and brown sugar.

The Honduran Liquidambar derives from an organic farm in the San Marcos region at an altitude of 1530masl. The coffee is picked, processed and dried over a period of 12-15 days to achieve an optimum moisture content of 12%. After processing, the cherry pulp is recycled as compost, with the help of the Californian red worm, and reused on the farm. Great care is taken to protect the water resources of the farm, which also serve the local community and indigenous wildlife. Social, as well as environmental responsibility, are paramount here. Coffees are handpicked and sorted by a team of skilled workers who are housed and provided with medical care by the farm.

Together, these coffees present flavours of dark chocolate, fruit loaf and caramel that soften in milk to create a smooth and balanced staple for their wonderful and conscious customers.


FARM: 70% Project Peru & 30% Liquidambar
ORIGIN: Peru & Honduras
PROCESS: Washed & Honey

Country of Origin

Peru & Honduras