About Watson & Pratt's

Based in Lampeter, west wales, Watson & Pratt's is an independent food shop and much more. Comprising the shop, our own bakery, wholesale of organic fruit and vegetables, and a home delivery service throughout Mid and South Wales, we offer a genuine alternative to the supermarket shop.

Ewch i food.gov.uk/ratings i ganfod sgor hylendid bwyd ein busnes neu gofynnwch inni beth yw ein sgor hylendid bwyd wrth archebu. Go to food.gov.uk/ratings to find out the food hygiene rating of our business or ask us for our food hygiene rating when you order.

Our history

Watson & Pratt's is the latest incarnation of a longstanding organic presence in Lampeter. Like anywhere much has changed in the past forty years and we are no exception.

In the 70s many of the organic pioneers came to west wales. Inspired by John Seymour and the drive for sustainable food production they established holdings here - some growing vegetables others milking cows. These pioneers were some of the first organic producers in the uk. As interest in organic food grew throughout Britain a pack house was established in Lampeter. And it got bigger and bigger. Supplying many of the supermarkets it expanded and soon was not only buying from organic producers throughout wales but also from Europe and beyond.

As the supermarkets became more dominant in the nineties, it became increasingly difficult to supply into them based where we were. The decision was made to relocate Organic Farm Foods (as the business was known then) to Evesham in Worcestershire.

What was left behind was a small local organic fruit and vegetable wholesaler and a small shop. The Organic Fresh Food Company was born. The business expanded as it established an organic vegetable box scheme and added to the range stocked in the shop.

The current owners arrived at the end of 2011. On the 1st January 2012 we moved 50 yards into the two units that we currently occupy.

Since then Watson & Pratt's has grown from 11 employees to over 30. The ethos behind the shop has remained true to its organic roots. With a commitment to being an exceptional ingredient based food shop, for those that love to cook, we source carefully and widely. We also deliver to those unable to reach us in person with vehicles delivering throughout South and Mid Wales. Covering Cardiff and Swansea in the south and up to Newtown and Welshpool to the north - Watson & Pratt's strives to give those further afield access to the same experience as walking into the shop. Click here to order online.


Lucy Watson and Ben Pratt