Supplying organic fruit and vegetables to other businesses is still a significant part of what we do. Using our own vehicles we deliver throughout Mid and South Wales. Using overnight pallet couriers we cover the rest of the U.K. with pallets leaving each day.

Certified organic by the soil association and sourcing primarily from organic growers within wales and on the Herefordshire borders we provide an ever changing array of the best that the seasons have to offer. In order to stock the full range of fruit and vegetables and to cover the leaner periods in the British growing season, we also import from Europe. Again working with well established organic growers in Italy, Spain, France and Holland we are able to bring the highlights of their seasons to our shop and to cafes, restaurants and box schemes throughout the uk.

To qualify for wholesale pricing you must buy from us in bulk quantities. For some customers that might be a pallet of lemons, or for others it could be a 10kg box of carrots for juicing at home. You can buy from us just once, regularly, or several times a week. It’s all down to your requirements.

As a business with our own shops and box scheme, we have first-hand experience of both the joys and the challenges of fresh produce. Trying everything we offer ourselves in our own shops, or through our home delivery scheme first allows us to understand and only offer produce we believe in, that is great quality and value, and that will help your business grow.

We will work closely with you to work out the best range of produce for you, often sourcing products specially. Our expertise is also getting it to you in the best, freshest possible condition, giving you the longest possible shelf life with your produce.

Being based in beautiful West Wales with its rich heritage in the organic movement, yet having access to some of the best growers throughout Europe, we are able to offer the very best that the season has to offer. Whether that be fabulous local sweetcorn, the tastiest Isle of Wight tomatoes or the bloodiest blood oranges from Sicily we look forward to hearing from you.

Please contact us to have a chat about what you need.

Ben Pratt on 01570 424404