Cosi Bio - Salame Milano - organic (80g)

Cosi Bio - Salame Milano - organic (80g)





The classic Italian salame it has a medium grain of equal parts pork meat and fat. This one is organic and has been beautifully strung to keep its shape during the curing process when it is delicately seasoned with salt and pepper and hung for one month, then rolled in flour to stop the outer layer drying out too much.Gluten and lactose free. This salami is made up of pork fat and pork meat, which is minced to a traditional fine grain, and left to cure for 1 month under carefully controlled conditions of airflow and temperature.

Suitable for home freezing.


Pork Meat (95%), Sea Salt, Natural Aromas, Dextrose, Wine, Spices and Aromatic Herbs.

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