The Cornish Seaweed Co. - Sea Salad (30g)

The Cornish Seaweed Co. - Sea Salad (30g)





This mix of dried seaweeds offer a fab and simple introduction to sea veggies and how to use them.

Sprinkle on salads or in soup, over fish, meat, oysters or veggies. Add to omelets or egg dishes, rehydrate and knead into dough. Great in mashed potatoes. Or just mix and match as you like. Adds salty kick to cobblers, brownies or cakes.

Allergen information

This packaging may contain traces of sand, shells or crustaceans.


Dried Organic Dulse (Chondrus Crispus), Organic Nori (Porphyra sp) Organic Sea Lettuce (Ulva sp).

Country of Origin