Plastic Phobia - Stainless Steel Angled Straw

Plastic Phobia - Stainless Steel Angled Straw





This is potentially the easiest zero waste swap because steel straws look great, prevent smudging lipstick but also reduce your plastic waste significantly. Single-use plastic is the worst type of plastic and a steel straw replaces plastic straws with style.

Why is a steel straw eco-friendly?
*An alternative to the billions of plastic straws used each year
*Plastic straws are the 11th most common plastic in the sea and cannot be recycled
*A steel straw very easy to recycle but have a long lifespan anyway
Steel straw

The bent straws are 6mm x 215 mm and made of 304 food grade stainless steel. After using you can just throw it in the dishwasher. This sustainable straw has no metallic aftertaste and is great quality


Stainless Steel