Medium Cheese Selection

Medium Cheese Selection




This selection includes five of our most popular award winning British Cheeses:

220g Hafod Cheddar - a lovely, local traditional cheese made in Llangybi (unpasteurised cows milk, traditional animal rennet). Organic.

200g Colston Bassett Stilton - a classic blue Stilton, creamy, fruity, buttery texture and a long lasting flavour. Non Organic.

200g Sparkenhoe Red Leicester - Complex and balanced, savoury and mellow, this farmhouse revival of a classic British cheese is full of flavour without any aggressive acidity. The texture is firm, chewy, and pleasantly moist. Made with raw cow's milk and animal rennet. Clothbound with lard.

200g Gorwydd Caerphilly - a mature Caerphilly (approx. 10 weeks old), with a natural, suede-like grey rind. Non organic.

200g Perl Wen cut cheese/ Perl wen mini 250g - bloomy rind cow's milk cheese with a creamy texture and buttery, mushroom flavour (pasteurised cows milk, vegetarian rennet). Organic.

If there is a particular cheese you would like included please let us know in the customer comments section when placing your order

Weights are approximate.

Allergen information

Various Cheese Contains: Milk.


Cheese: milk, salt, cheese cultures ,animal rennet, Lysozyme.

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