Doves Farm - White Rye Flour (1kg)

Doves Farm - White Rye Flour (1kg)





Whole rye grains are milled on site and sieved to remove the bran, resulting in a plain white flour which has most of the goodness and flavour of wholemeal rye flour but a lighter texture.

Used widely on the continent, this flour is suitable for bread baking and well as making cakes and biscuits. It will produce a close crumb structure and deliver a great flavour. Add raising agent to this plain flour to replace the self raising in recipes. Low in gluten, rye flour is also a great wheat free option for speciality diets.

Allergen information

Contains: Cereals Containing Gluten


Rye Flour.

Country of Origin

Ingredients from more than one country.
Milled in the UK.