Crosta & Mollica - Fiorentina Sourdough Pizza (453g)

Crosta & Mollica - Fiorentina Sourdough Pizza (453g)




Mushroom, spinach and creamy garlic.

Allergen information

Contains: gluten, milk.
May contain traces of mustard seed and soy.


Wheat flour, roasted garlic sauce 14.2% (cream, water, hard cheese, sunflower oil, maize starch, lemon juice, roasted garlic puree, salt, black pepper), water, seasoned spinach 10.1% (spinach 8%, sunflower oil, water, salt, onion, chilli), mozzarella cheese 9%, mushrooms 8.3%, sunflower oil, salt, black pepper, parsley, garlic, yeast.

Country of Origin