Yeo Valley - Lemon Curd Yogurt (450g)

Yeo Valley - Lemon Curd Yogurt (450g)





You know how there are some combinations that just work perfectly, like scones and jam, or tea and buttered toast? Well this is another one.
There’s something perfectly balanced about the creaminess of the whole milk Yoghurt and the sweetness of lemon curd, where the tartness of both meets in the middle.

Allergen information

Contains: Milk and Eggs.


Organic Whole Milk Yogurt (84%), Organic Sugar, Organic Pasteurised Free Range Egg, Organic Double Cream (Milk), Organic Concentrated Lemon Juice (0.5%), Organic Unsalted Butter (Milk, Rice Starch, Organic Lemon Oil.

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