Martins TLC - Clynfyw Farm - Wormcast Compost (approx. 40 ltrs)

Martins TLC - Clynfyw Farm - Wormcast Compost (approx. 40 ltrs)




Clynfyw is a 395 acre care farm in Pembrokeshire. They provide support for adults with learning disabilities and those in recovery from mental unwellness.

The wormcast compost is peat free and full of beneficial microbes which promotes healthy root growth. No green waste!!! The worms are fed only on locally sourced manure. It’s suitable for organic growing. This stuff really is the bees knees!!!

- Plants love it! It has the nutrients and structure for good root growth.
- It’s peat-free, made from vermicompost mixed with coir.
- Suitable for organic growing and has many environmental benefits.
- It’s “The Living Compost”, full of beneficial microbes.
- It doesn’t contain green waste; worms are fed on locally sourced manure.
- Growers love it! Its texture makes it easy to water and work with.


Peat free artisan compost made with worm compost and coir.

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