Belvoir - Organic Elderflower Cordial (500ml)

Belvoir - Organic Elderflower Cordial (500ml)





The original Elderflower Cordial, made with masses of freshly picked elderflowers, lemon juice and Belvoir spring water.

Elderflower Cordial makes sensational spritzers with white wine and sparkling water, or add a dash to enliven a gin or vodka and tonic. Use it to rev up a gooseberry fool, as a great base for a fresh fruit salad or to make a stunning sorbet – it can enhance a whole host of desserts.
Your can even drink it hot as a healthy toddy: elderflower has been known to have beneficial properties in the treatment of colds and flu since Roman times.


Sugar, Water, Fresh Elderflowers 8%, Fresh Lemon Juice, Citric Acid.

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