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The bees at Afon mel have an exciting selection of flowers to choose from when they fly around Ceredigion. Plants such as Sycamore, Hawthorn, Willow, Clover and Blackberry all grow wild in the hedgerows, hills and valleys around us. In Ceredigion there is a vast luxury of completely wild places that haven’t even been farmed intensively.For more than two decades, Afon Mel has been a fixture in West Wales, crafting mead by hand from our 40 acre farm. With more than 19 years of mead making experience, we are very proud of our amazing range of meads, each one with their own enjoyable flavours and characteristics..

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  • Afon Mel - Blackberry Mead (20cl) (13% vol)
  • Afon Mel - Cherry Mead (20cl) (13% vol)
  • Afon Mel - Ginger in Honey (227g)