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Ystwyth Valley Eggs are a small egg producer, ten minutes from Aberystwyth. Run by mother and daughter, Janet and Gemma, they produce some exceptionally tasty eggs for us. Sheltered on the valley floor from the weather coming in off the coast the hens have a pretty charmed life. With access to plenty of clean pasture and much to amuse them they are able to focus on the job in hand of producing lovely eggs.

The farm is certified organic by the Soil Association and this guarantees several things for you at home. With some of the smallest flocks out there, the hens must not be beak-tipped and must be able to behave naturally. This means big pop holes so the birds get outside in the fresh air and not cooped up in inside. There is also plenty of room for dust baths and lots of ground to peck and scratch. Farmed in this more natural, less intensive way, allows for the hens to be kept longer and also means the land will sustain over many generations.

With bright shells and vivid yokes the eggs produced in the Ystwyth Valley are some of the best we have tasted.

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