Pembrokeshire Beach Food Company

Welsh Sea Inspired Seasoning and Biscuit's

From humble beginnings as a seafood shack on the beach at Freshwater West, the Pembrokeshire Beach Food Company has grown and grown since 2011. We stock the full range of amazing sea foraged delights from them, a fantastic selection of seaweeds and seasonings. Great as gifts, but wonderful to use as staples in the kitchen, we love the guys at Pembrokeshire Beach, and their beautifully branded Welsh products.

Ship's Biscuits Ready To Be Cooked
Selling delicious products by the beach

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  • Sea Herbs Dulse Seaweed Pouch (20g)
  • The Pembrokeshire Beach Food Co. - Sea Herbs - Grass Kelp Seaweed (20g)
  • The Pembrokeshire Beach Food Co. - Sea Herbs - Kelp Seaweed (20g)