Mr Stanley's

Mr Stanley's confectionery can be traced back to 1843, where a small, family owned factory became known and loved for producing high-quality, traditional fidge and toffee whilst offering value for money.

To begin with, Mr Stanley's speciality was caramel. Fudge came about by mistake by a "fudged" recipe. However, hand-broken fudge soon became one of his most popular products. Coconut Ice followed shortly after the second world war, as the nation's tooth became sweeter post sugar rationing.

Over the years Mr Stanley’s has added to the range of fudge and toffee catering for modern taste and sophisticated palates, working with only the most select factories and suppliers from around Great Britain and Europe to maintain his reputation for excellence.

Mr Stanley's products are made in several sites around the UK, the fudges are still mainly in North Yorkshire, the hard-boiled sweets are made in Yorkshire by a small family owned business, and some fudge and brittles are made in Somerset.

The process for making Mr Stanley's fudge has not changed in 150 years. Today Mr Stanley’s has expanded and diversified and offers over 50 products celebrating British Traditional Confectionery. The Mr Stanley’s range is supplied not only to all corners of the UK but all over the world, from Iceland to Australia, keeping Mr Stanley’s original vision alive.