Why the name Joe, and what’s the deal with the pickup truck?
As a boy, I loved Sunday drives with my father.
My dad Joe and I could spend the whole day just exploring in his old pickup truck.
I have many fond memories of summer afternoons together with the wind in our faces and nothing but life ahead of us.
I was one of those kids who could ask a hundred questions, followed by another hundred ‘whys’.
I remember one day I asked, “Hey Dad, where are we going today?”
Smiling, my father turned to me and said “Nowhere and everywhere, my boy.”
I didn’t have any more questions.
I guess you could say that day was our inspiration for the brand.
Life is best lived by not following traffic or sitting at red lights. To live off road, is to cruise the path of the unknown and embrace the journey.
We are the little guys who started with a dream, and never stopped dreaming.
Join the ride.