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How can I buy?

We have an ever changing range of plants, supplied by Steve and Angie at Gwynfor Growers, so the best option is to pop into our shop to see the range. If you are a home delivery customer, then feel free to ring us 01570 423 099 and we will be more than happy to let you know what we currently have available.

About Gwynfor Growers

Steve and Angie are Gwynfor Growers, and they are very knowledgeable about plants. Their nursery is on the coast near Llangrannog and is stocked with a wonderful range of ornamental plants. Sadly, their nursery is no longer open to the public, but we are lucky that Gwynfor Growers keeps our shop stocked with plants for most of the year. According to the season, Gwynfor Growers supplies us with perennials, herbs and young vegetable plants. Keen gardeners and home growers always keep an eye out for these, especially the unusual and heritage varieties, which are chosen carefully for local suitability. In addition, Steve and Angie are rosemary specialists and hold a National Collection of rosemaries!

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