Drop Bear Beer Co.

Non-alcoholic craft beers, crafted in the UK, inspired by Australia.

Drop Bear beers are brewed in a real brewery, with real beer ingredients. Their beers are 0.5% ABV, but they're 100% real beer... and you can tell!

They have been crowned European Champions of alcohol-free brewing not once but THREE TIMES, you know the beer's gonna be good.

They're on a mission to brew a better future and part of that involves being carbon neutral. They offset any emissions they can't eliminate and are certified carbon neutral.

Their beers contain on average 85% less calories and 300% less sugar than other alcohol-free beers. More beer, less guilt!

Their beers might not be animal friendly but they’re friendly to animals. They don’t use lactose or any sort of animal products present in our beers, and we never will.

Their beers are gluten free, containing less than 10ppm, their beers are naturally low in gluten. They use a few industry secrets to deactivate any remaining gluten to keep you bloated belly and stress free.

Tropical IPA
Bonfire Stout
New World Lager

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  • Drop Bear Beer Co. - Bonfire Stout (330ml)(0.5% vol)
  • Drop Bear Beer Co. - New World Lager (330ml)(0.5% vol)
  • Drop Bear Beer Co. - Tropical IPA (330ml)(0.5% vol)