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For nearly 20 years, Jo and Jonathan Carthew have been producing a fantastic and sustainable range of traditionally smoked fish and meat. The Mackerel, Haddock, & Kippers are from wild sustainable stocks in Scotland. The Salmon & Trout we sell is farmed fish.

The folks at Black Mountains Smokery source their fish very carefully, and get all their Salmon from one company based in the Shetland Islands. The Salmon is farmed sustainably, reared in low density, in deep waters, enabling them to swim. The deep waters and high currents ensure the salmon are fit, lean, and ideal for traditional curing and smoking. Medicinal treatments are not routine, and the emphasis is on good working practices to ensure the minimum use of medicines and the outright ban on certain treatments. This sustainable method of farming is low impact on the marine environment around the farm as well as healthier for the fish.

The farmed salmon is non-GM, as the feed is guaranteed non-GM.

Jonathan Carthew
Smoked Trout
Preparing Salmon for Smoking

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