Beeble British Honey Spirit

Honey whisky was born from a desire to minimise waste from the hives at their home in the Cotswolds. It was one of those things that people couldn’t get enough of when they first took it to local farmer’s market, embodying the smooth whisky and rich honey flavours at the same time. Getting taste buds talking as they went. Beeble’s unlikely take on an old wives tale is the perfect way to celebrate those things that make life that little bit sweeter, ready to please even the most fussy in your fam. So, let your hair down, pour yourself a dram, sip back and enjoy! Beeble – Life is Sweet

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  • Beeble - British Honey Rum (50cl)(30% vol)
  • Beeble - British Honey Vodka (50cl)(30% vol)
  • Beeble - British Honey Vodka (5cl)(30% vol)