Captain Kombucha - Coconut (400ml)

Captain Kombucha - Coconut (400ml)

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The GUTsy Captain is a delicious naturally bubbly drink with unique nutritional benefits, handcrafted to perfection. Every bottle is created and fermented with our own GUTsy Captain culture and only the highest quality certified BIO ingredients. This fantastic recipe is available in a variety of flavours - Original, California Raspberry, Coconut Summer Beach and Ginger & Lemon. Come on board and get to know our beloved captain


Water filtered by reverse osmosis, organic cane suagr(transformed suring fermenting), kombucha cultures, organic stevia tea extrct(water, organic stevia leaves), organic green tea, natural coconut flavour, 0.09% extracts(carrot, apple, blackcurrant), bacillus coagulants.