We are changing our name.

The Organic Fresh Food Company is changing its name to Watson & Pratt's.


Well, it’s a bit of a long story, so here goes…..

The Organic Fresh Food Company was established in 2006. Previously called Organic Farm Foods, it was a local wholesale supplier of organic fresh fruit and vegetables, based in Lampeter. It sold a little bit of produce and dry goods out of one side of the warehouse. It also started a box scheme, delivering organic veg boxes to the local area.

At the end of 2011, we—Lucy Watson and Ben Pratt—bought The Organic Fresh Food Company. Initially we wanted to change the name, but time passed, and it stayed the same.

Over the past 5 years, things have changed. The wholesale of organic fruit and vegetables is still very much the backbone of our business, about 45% of the total. But since 2011 the retail side and home delivery has changed beyond recognition. We have built up the shop here in Lampeter into an extensive and fantastic alternative to the supermarket shop, keeping organic at the core of everything we do, and adding many other products sourced locally, sustainably, ethically, and for quality. We have added an on-site bakery, providing freshly baked organic bread daily, and an ever-expanding range of pastries and cakes to the shop.

The home delivery service we now run is an extension of the shop, delivering throughout Mid and South Wales, and offering the full range to our customers. In early 2016 we also added a growing operation to the mix, getting 24 acres just outside of Lampeter certified organic, with small-scale organic food production projects underway such as growing grain for the bakery, and having our own sheep to provide lamb for the shop.

We feel we have reached the point where we want the name of the company to change, to reflect the new era of the business, and how it has evolved beyond purely wholesaling organic fruit and veg.

So, being the proud owners of the business, we want to put our name on it. Watson and Pratts it is.

Will you still sell organic produce?

Absolutely yes! We do not plan on changing anything about the way we run our business other than the name. Our commitment to organic food production and consumption is still at the top of the list, and the proof of this is in the fact we have added an organic bakery and now have an organic smallholding as part of the business.

Will you be selling non-organic food?

Yes. We always have in the shop and to our home delivery customers. We want to be a fantastic food shop, stocking a full range of products, and so when something is unavailable organically, we carefully source a non-organic alternative that suits.

We also stock an amazing range of locally produced food and drinks, many of which are not certified organic. Just being local doesn’t make them great, but we carefully select products that are produced in a way that is consistent with the organic ethos – with high animal welfare standards, non-GM, low/no chemical inputs, produced in a way that supports and enriches the soil, and is sustainable and ethically responsible. And finally, but most importantly, it must taste fantastic.

How will I know if something is organic or non-organic?

Same as now. We label everything in our shop that is non-organic and organic. Online, each and every product is labelled ‘O’ for organic and ‘NO’ for non-organic. All the fresh produce including fruit and vegetables will continue to be organically certified, and yes, it’s labelled ‘Organic’ too!

Are you going to move away from selling organic food over time?

No. We truly believe in organic agriculture as the right way to produce food and one that protects the future of food production. We plan on selling more and more organically produced food as the shop continues to grow. We also look forward to stocking more and more locally produced food, and food specialities from around the world, right here in Lampeter.