The Farmers Son

Real Scottish Haggis

Founder of the Farmer's Son, Pete Mitchell, comes from a long line of farmers and producers. He can trace his family's farming heritage back to the early 1700s, where for almost 300 years, they've farmed the same part of Scotland, as they do today, growing superb crops and rearing award-winning livestock, while caring for the environment. We are an award winning farming family and food producer who have been based in Scotland. Our current product range of Scottish Black Pudding, Haggis & White Pudding, come with an extended shelf life and recyclable packaging! Their award winning Haggis, Black Pudding & White Pudding are handmade in small batches to a 100 year old family recipe from 1920. They are preservative and additive free, with all natural ingredients including homegrown pork from the farm and locally sourced oatmeal . Their products are also dairy and sugar free.

Pete with the pigs
The Farm

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