Cwmnant beef

Local Beef

Located just a few short miles from Lampeter, Cwmnant is a family run, traditional mixed organic farm keeping Traditional Hereford cattle and mainly Lleyn sheep.Throughout the world the Traditional Hereford is renowned for its tender, flavoursome meat. With an unrivaled ability to convert grass to quality meat, they have been bred for their docility, conformation and foraging ability since the 17th century.Registered with the Soil Association, all of the cattle at Cwmnant Organics are reared entirely on pesticide free organic grass. This means the beef is a healthy source of essential Omega 3 fatty acids, along with other nutritional vitamins not found in grain-fed cattle.The slow, steady growth of the animal and the marbling of the fat throughout the meat are responsible for this exquisite flavour.The meat is then hung for a minimum of 30 days which further enhances the meat with layered flavours and creating a succulent and tender melt-in-the-mouth experience.

Cwmnant Beef
Cwmnant Sheep